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There really are not enough ways to compliment and praise Miss Mackenzee and her approach to the scene.  By all traditional sense, Miss Mackenzee is an absolutely fantastic Domme!  She is a statuesque beauty, who immediately can put most submissives in their place by Her sheer presence alone, add to that Her height, She can overpower and control most slaves with ease.  It is Her eyes and Her smile that will control You the most though, making You melt at Her lovely feet, knowing that when She laughs, She truly is having fun controlling you.  (And yes, there are wonderful physical traits to describe as well, as you probably have noticed from Her pictures).

What stands out though, is how Miss Mackenzee is so surprisingly different with the way that She treats and handles Her submissives.  She has many years of practice and skill with Her devious ways, but She is exceptional at not only discussing your limits and finding ways to establish high levels of trust, but finding ways to push those (and still stay within your boundaries).  And to make it such an overwhelming journey during your time with Her!
i thoroughly appreciated the discussion that i had with Miss Mackenzee before o/Our scene.  She is rather easy to communicate with and actually listened to what my interests were, and found a way to make them even better than i could have imagined by putting together a sensational scenario. And even though i did not provide a list of things i wanted to do, She discussed at length with me things that i might like to incorporate and try, and She made good on every single one of those possibilities.  The best advice i can offer is, the more specific details you can share with Her, the better she can create Your scene.  And with that, a word of caution.  She will completely take Your thoughts and desires and deliver something that is delightfully wicked!  You will thank Her immensely for it though!!​
 Dear Miss Mackenzee,

  Thank you again for the wonderful session yesterday. I had an amazing time with both you and your sub and look forward to the next time you are in the DC area. I had a lot of fun with my first time doing Live Hypnosis, and am definitely interested in trying more. We touched on email/distance training, and I was extremely interested in exploring that as an option. Also, do you do custom recordings at all? I’m curious if having done a realtime session with you would make a hypno recording from you more effective in any way.
Thanks again!
The true beauty of submission lies not in the act, but in the will.

I had a fantastic session recently with Miss Mackenzee. My keen eye could point out the obvious for you; Amazonian, Goddess, Beautiful, Statuesque. But, I’d be doing you a disservice by not letting you discover for yourself. If you’ve ever even considered it, muster your courage, grab your balls, and call her. For if you don’t grab your balls, she surely will

I wanted an intense, inescapable bondage experience. Everything else was up for her amusement. I’m a fairly tall guy (6’1”). Miss Mackenzee in heels is much taller. She even managed to make me feel tiny. And nothing would be a more dominant statement than when she had me wrapped from neck to toe in tight plastic wrap. My hands encased in leather mittens that she had strapped on me. She cut the wrap from around my most sensitive parts and the fun began! Clothes pins, fingernails, a devious dildo gag (use your imagination), and something electrical that had me begging for mercy. I’d tell you what it was but I never “saw” it coming.

I won’t spoil the adventure for you. Do yourself by a huge favor and call Miss Mackenzee for a wild ride. Summon your courage, place your undying trust in her, and she’ll take you places you’ve never been.“There’s something beautiful about a broken man, don’t you think? Maybe it’s some unspoken promise that he’ll become more than he is because of it.”​​
Hi Miss Mackenzee, I just wanted to thank you for such a fun session yesterday! I had a blast and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! I am looking forward to seeing you again!
Dear Miss Mackenzee,

  I just want to say thank you again for the great session.  

  It was a great experience to be overpowered by you and beneath your beautiful soft feet.
Thank you again!!!!

  Today was a thoroughly incredible experience, and it is all down to your passion for crafting a perfect scene ...   pushing boundaries where you can, knowing when I need a breather to continue to feel safe.    I am also humbled again that your own Submissive was pleased with her experience of our Thanksgiving scene to want to play again with us.   
Sooooo many memorable moments ...Just amazing!   


  Thank you once more. ​

It was sooooo great to see You and Your gorgeous legs! Thank You so much for a mind blowing session!


  I can’t wait to see You again!

Miss Mackenzee,  

  I just wanted to let you know what an honor and a privilege it was for me to meet and session with you today!

  I have previously sessioned with 5 professional Dominas in my life, and while a couple of them were extremely good, none of them came close to you in raw talent, skill, or attractiveness.

  From the sub perspective, I was able to trust you and completely open up to you during our first session together.  I think that says a lot about you and just how good you really are! I felt very much in sync with you the entire time.

  I hope I will be lucky enough to work with you again in the future.

  Best regards to all​

I had a fantastic time this afternoon with Miss Mackenzee! I was a bit nervous for this being the first session in so long, Miss Mackenzee put my mind totally at ease. She was incredible! Such a great personality and had me relaxed in no time, very professional (also evil with tickling me) She introduced a few things I have never tried and wow, crazy wild good stuff!I could not have asked for a better time, thank u and I will see you again 
Miss Mackenzee is beautiful sexy gorgeous strict young lady. she can and will make you suffer big time; that’s what she loves to do. and she will make you learn your lesson while you both have fun together. i hope to let her torture me again. I am sure when she’s done with me, i may be unable to sit or walk mostly from the otk spankings and other torture she does to me.​
Miss Mackenzee is an incredibly fun and sensual play partner! Every time I've had the pleasure to play with her, she has helped me discover new aspects of my sensuality and new erogenous zones. Her intuitive nature guarantees that you will get an incredible experience, whether you are looking for someone sensual or sadistic ;)​

 Mistress Mackenzee is amazing. True, she is intimidating but that just turns into knowing she has full control of you, so no need to worry. I haven't done body worship or breath play, but I will add that to the list. You can't go wrong with seeing her. Sometimes you're not in a sadistic mood. I did a little tickle and can see how amazing it is and of course her strength shows through with her lift and carries.


  Her OTK is extremely cathartic. But the best part is the bear hug she gives.​

2016-05-26 19.34.23.jpg

 ​I saw Miss Mackenzee about a month and a half ago. What I notice when I first met her was she is really tall and also her pictures do represent her properly. I hate when a mistress uses old pictures and you can tell it is her but a long time ago or her appearance changed. She looked great.

  I'm into more sensual domination with some other fetishes. We discussed some of the things we both like. Miss Mackenzee had me kneel down and wait for to enter. Once she entered, I was able to kiss/lick her boots, which turned into licking her feet. She used electric device all over my body that gave it a shock. The feeling was sensual and some pain to it too. She wanted me to kiss/rub her feet more while I was laying down, she rubbed her feet all over my face. Her feet teased and smelled great.

  Miss Mackenzee had me clean her thong in my mouth, which teased great. She knew I liked some pain too, throughout the session she pitched and twisted my nipples very hard and put devices on my nipples too. She also put over 25 clothes pins on my balls/penis too. Miss Mackenzee gave me a golden shower and it seemed she enjoyed it too. After that she wanted to see my pain level by taking the pins of very slowly and while I took care of myself.


  Miss Mackenzee is a hot domme and has a great fun personality about her. ​

 There is none other that can compare to Miss Mackenzee. She truly is an artist in her Dominance. From the second you are greeted to the moment you leave, you are cared for. Even in Her most sadistic ways, She still exerts a level of care that I have not found in any other Domme. I cannot recommend a session with Her enough.
​  Thank you, Miss Mackenzee for such an amazing session. It’s been two weeks and I’m still thinking about You and O/our time together. You were one strict teacher. I will never hand in another late homework assignment again! I’m so lucky to have someone like You administer such an amazing spanking as punishment. Being over Your lap was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I promise to be the very best student for you from now on.​
  I had been searching for someone to help fulfill my fantasies for a long time when I came upon Miss Mackenzee online. I have a thing for Amazon women. It goes back to my childhood of watching Wonder Woman and reading comic books. I longed to have a strong woman overpower me and make me feel small. I saw Miss Mackenzee’s stats and photos and knew she might be the one to help make this fantasy a reality. And she did not disappoint!! Not only was her physical stature exactly what I was looking for but also the way she carried herself and used her words to enhance the experience. I felt just like a puny little thing under her control. If you have a giantess fantasy, Miss Mackenzee is absolutely the person to see! I can't wait until our next session.
nun role play.png
 Miss Mackenzee is the real deal. She is extremely professional and clean. I've had multiple sessions with her of varying kinds. Whether it's pain you seek or something more sensual or maybe a fun tickling session; her skillset seems to have no bounds. Miss Mackenzee is the number one Domme to see!​
Thank you Miss Mackenzee for making my first experience a good one. You took your time before we started to check in with me and what I wanted and what limits I had. I appreciate the care you took during the session too to make sure I was still okay. My time with you was perfect. You weren't lying when you said you were good with newbies and slowly building things up. I couldn't have asked for a better first time. And it certainly won't be the last time I see you.
  I've always been a little skeptical of online Domination but when I saw Miss Mackenzee’s ad for it, I was drawn to her photos and thought I'd give it a shot. It's been 3 months now and I keep coming back for more. Whether it's Skype sessions or emails or customized audio, Miss Mackenzee is amazing and captivating. I am one lucky slave to have such a beautiful Mistress controlling me from 2,000 miles away.​
 I have been seeing Miss Mackenzee for 4 years now and I can't imagine seeing someone else. She is a fantasy maker. No matter what I've come to her with, she makes it happen. And it's nothing short of an amazing time. I always leave with a giant smile on my face and wonderful memories that stay with me until our next session. ​
 All hail the Tickle Queen Miss Mackenzee! I wanted a truly torturous, no mercy tickle session and she delivered on that! Between her bondage skills and ability to find all of my secret tickle spots, Miss Mackenzee gave me exactly what I wanted. She kept feeding me water which was quite evil because she tickled me so much to the point that I pissed myself. Her wicked laugh only added to the torture. What a truly fantastic time I had!​
 ​Five out of five stars for Miss Mackenzee!! I asked for a custom video and she delivered it quickly. It was everything I asked for. I will definitely be asking for more in the future. Thank you!!​
Hypnosis has always been interesting to me but I was skeptical that I would be able to be hypnotized. After careful thought, I decided to finally contact Miss Mackenzee for a live hypno session. We talked a little about what I wanted and how it would work and then began. She had calming music playing which only aided in the experience. Her soft, sultry voice was easy to follow and fall to. I never once felt in danger or like she would make me do something I didn't want to do. The hypnosis really enhanced my fetishes and my time with Miss Mackenzee. We're already talking about what else we can do with this and build on that first experience. I can't wait to see her again.​
I saw Miss Mackenzee on a trip she took to the Washington DC area. The place was amazing and easy to find. I loved that she took advantage of all the space she had by leading me around on a leash, stopping short and making me worship her gorgeous legs and ass. Her toy collection is great and varied. I am now on her email list so I know when she's going to be back...I don't want to miss a chance to see her again.​
My favorite thing about Miss Mackenzee is how she normalizes whatever fetish or fantasy I bring to her. I've been seeing her for over a year now and find it very easy to share some of my more darker, taboo fantasies. She doesn't even bat an eye at them but talks with me about how to bring it to reality so it's a fulfilling experience for not only me but her as well. She takes great care in crafting amazing sessions each and every time.
 I am totally new to kink and admitting that I have desires that aren't “normal” so I thought I would see a professional to explore and learn in a safe way. Miss Mackenzee is all that I could've asked for and more. I wasn't sure what I would like and told her that so she showed me some things and tried various toys on me going slow and checking in with me. I am excited for her to show me more and help me along as I discover what else I enjoy.​
Miss Mackenzee is an amazing teacher. My husband and I have been wanting to spice things up a bit and so we went online to try and find a solution. I've always been a bit more dominant than him and wanted to try and hone some of those natural tendencies. I came across her profile on Eros and she advertised that she sees couples. When I emailed her, she seemed really enthusiastic and excited which helped ease mine and my husband’s mind. We've now seen her a few times and our sex life is better than it ever was.
Thank You, Mistress Mackenzee for putting me in my place at Your feet. And training me to be Your slave. I am always humbled by Your commands and strong ability to carry out punishments when I do not succeed in pleasing You. I am lucky to serve such a beautiful Goddess. Thank You for such giving this slave that opportunity.​
 From the very first email to the moment I walked out of my session with Miss Mackenzee, I knew I picked the right Domme. There are many that advertise online and offer the same things but something about Miss Mackenzee seemed different. I don't know if it's in her stats or her words, but something seemed different about her. She knew exactly what to say in emails and exactly what buttons to press when I was in her presence. If you are looking for a beautiful and skilled Domme and not just another amateur posing, Miss Mackenzee is who you should see. I will definitely be seeing her again.​
 Right down to the smallest details, Miss Mackenzee makes every session an unforgettable experience. She takes everything you say in email and in person and strings together things seamlessly. Truly an artist in all that she does, Miss Mackenzee is flawless and if you have a chance to serve her, it should not be missed!​​
Miss Mackenzee and her bull are so amazing! They turned me into such a weak pathetic cuckold and used me as sex furniture. Miss Mackenzee compared his large cock to my puny little one. They both laughed and teased me while physically engaged with each other. I was forced to clean up the mess they both made. I am forever grateful to have been shown how a real man pleases a woman. Thank you Miss Mackenzee and your bull for putting me in my place.​
 I’ve secretly fantasized about sucking another man’s cock for the amusement of a beautiful woman and when I saw that Miss Mackenzee was coming to the Washington, DC area and offered forced bi sessions, I was hesitant but I emailed her anyway. She was very excited to get my message and after a few back and forth, we had set a day and time. I was nervous but also excited to bring this fantasy to life finally. I immediately felt Miss Mackenzee’s dominance. The man that was sitting beside her also gave off a dominant energy which fueled my excitement. I knew I was in for a good time. One of my favorite memories of that session was being forced into this dark closet with Miss Mackenzee while her guy stood outside and put his cock through the hole. Miss Mackenzee forced my mouth on him and she told me I better make her friend feel good and get him nice and hard. With a firm grip in my hair, she was forcing my head to bounce up and down on his cock. I couldn’t believe that it had actually happened...I found a stunning woman to make me feel so comfortable with this desire I’ve had and who helped make it a reality for me. Thank you so much Miss Mackenzee! You are the best!!​​
Square Blur_20198632754675.png
 My partner and I are lesbians and we wanted to venture into the kink world and explore a D/s dynamic. We searched online for the right person to help us. It was hard because a lot of the Domme’s we found, had male submissives or demonstrated skills on men. But when we came across Miss Mackenzee’s website advertising that she had a female submissive, we knew that we had found someone who could help us. Both of them were very warm and welcoming to us when we came into the room. There was great care and a loving energy between the two of them even when we were negotiating prior to the session actually starting. We talked about and agreed that the first session would be that she would demonstrate a skill on her submissive and then have me try it on her submissive as well. The next session we had with them was that I would try the same skills out on my partner under her careful and watchful eye. I cannot thank Miss Mackenzee and her submissive enough for helping me and my partner. We’re excited to see them both again to keep our lessons going.​
Miss Mackenzee has the most amazing feet ever. They are so soft and beautiful. She keeps them in perfect condition and always has them painted. Thank you so much for letting me serve as your loving footboy, Miss Mackenzee. I hope you enjoy the shoes I had sent to you from your wishlist!​
With over 10 years experience, Miss Mackenzee was the right choice for me as a mentor as I started my career as a pro-Domme. She has many skills and a strong desire to teach them. Her patience with me is amazing and I can’t thank her enough. I know I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to having more time with her to hone my skills.​​
  With my job, I have more money than I know what to do with. I love that Miss Mackenzee didn’t hesitate when I emailed her to turn me into her personal pay pig. I am always so happy to have her use me as human ATM. I enjoy spoiling her and being on my knees, handing her cash in front of strangers. Nothing gives me greater joy than going on shopping trips with her and showering her with gifts.​​
One of the greatest moments of my life was when I heard the click of my chastity device as Miss Mackenzee locked it around me. I love knowing that she has the key to my pleasure. I enjoy receiving pictures of her holding the key in my email and also having Skype sessions where she teases me relentlessly. It is an honour to have such a beautiful Goddess own me.​
One must do violence to the object of one’s desire; when it surrenders, the pleasure is greater” ~ Marquis De Sade

How this slavegirl would love to be the object of your desire.
Mistress you are the epitome of Female Supremacy, so completely superior in every conceivable aspect to this pain slut.
So envious of those who serve, worship and are owned by you.
You have utterly consumed this slave's will,
Your beautiful piercing eyes searing with violence have summoned this prey whose mind and body are yours to savagely devour.
Looking into your eyes, this slut becomes weak boneless helpless and aches with excruciating masochistic desires.
In your presence this slavegirl would be reduced to an incoherent, whimpering, puddle of girl goo,
To be helplessly at your mercy , weakly moaning , awaiting a taste of your beautiful brutal fist , to be a feast for your insatiable sadistic appetite, would be for this slave, Bliss.
Irresistibly drawn to you this objectl felt compelled to express her adoration
Totally enslaved by your eyes


Thank You SO much for yesterday. In 10+ years of sessioning on and off, this was the most fun I have ever had. It is apparent that you have a love for what You do and You really enjoy tormenting Your slaves! Seriously--from the moment I walked down those steps and caught my first glimpse of You I knew I made a great decision. You embody everything one should look for in a Domme---absolutely gorgeous from head to toe, You're wickedly smart and have a solid sense of humor, plus power just --RADIATES-- from You, and Your stature as an Amazonian Goddess is unsurpassed. I felt so small sitting down next to You in the beginning. It was heaven.

I still cannot believe how strong you are. Your legs are made of steel and I absolutely loved being able to massage and worship them--thank You so much for letting me do that!! I wish I could do that every day...being pushed around and bullied by You was probably my favorite part of the session.

As instructed I did played with myself yesterday (in my work's bathroom) reliving our session and also imagining what a cuckold session would be like. What really got me going was imagining You having Your Bull and I standing side by side and you doing a body comparison. Very humiliating for me to so close to such a muscular and superior Bull and to see you fawning over his muscular body and not mine. Imagining him calling me the same kinds of names You called me yesterday would be so humiliating and such a turn on at the same time too.

Anyway--thanks again and hopefully I can see You again in the future.

My Incredible Goddess,
From the bottom of my heart and other places thank you so much!!
Today was a blast!
Everyone of my senses was in sensory overload!!!
I feel both exhilarated and completely wiped out!!
So much fun!!
Every second is etched in my memory, you broke down the door and have taken ownership of my psyche!
I will relive today in my mind over and over again, until next time,
Your slutty little slave,

Good morning My incredible Miss Mackenzee
I simply can't get our session out of my mind, I can't focus, I can't breathe, I have to come see you again. I hope you are all cozy and sleeping peacefully.
Not me as I can't stop dreaming of you, under your spell and your tormenting me.
Would you like a sweet white or a dry white wine for our next session?
I have a favorite of each picked out, as with everything it is just opinion that counts, unless of course you would like both.
I am under your spell.

A little background, I have been involved in the Scene for 25 years, & having lived in LA and NYC, I am an experienced player. I have seen and built relationships with some wonderful Dommes, yet I have always wanted to try Hypnosis, I feel it is the ultimate submission not just to give up your body but your mind as well.
I am drawn to not any Domme but physically dominating and real life Dommes.
After finding your profile on Fetlife, I knew that one day I would have to serve.
Yet for a year I was forced by distance to just follow your profile and dream, building up my expectations week by week.
Today was my day!
After a few emails and a deposit I was driving down a beautiful street in a residential neighborhood. Ringing the doorbell my heart was pounding and my mouth dry in anticipation.
Parker answered the door with a smile and invited me in to a charming home, handed me a drink and asked me to follow her. I was led to a stairway down, with each step down I felt myself going deeper and deeper into my submission.
Stepping into the basement dungeon I knew I was home.
There you were The incredible beautiful Miss Mackenzee. You are so much prettier, so much more striking then your picture and Dominance rolls off of you in waves!
Thank you for talking to me and explaining your thoughts on the session and hypnosis, after all it is only your thoughts that count. 
Then sitting next you, feeling you touch my arm and hear your voice I knew I was going into trance and would be under your spell forever.
Your hypnosis was a feeling that I can't begin to describe I was totally relaxed as well as totally in mental bondage, it was all I had hoped for. 
The intense CBT, the horrifying electric play, piercing needle work,  unlimited stretching, body worship and teamwork by You and Parker was all the most amazing icing on the cake for the most amazing session.
I can't wait to return and fall deeper under your spell.
With the best memories!

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