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The Tale of the Midnight Cuckold

Updated: Apr 25

She came to me for help after her husband dropped a silent bomb. To some it would feel like the world had opened up, but to her and other women like her, she was crushed and felt worthless. What could he have said or done that left her feeling so low and unhappy? It seems her husband had been watching a lot of porn. She let it go, as we are all staying at home to avoid the virus and she knew he was bored. After a few days he seemed to disappear in to their tiny apartment office where he kept his computer for hours at a time, with the door locked. When he started locking the door she knew something was going on, more than a guy watching porn and rubbing one off. They didn’t have children so there was no need to lock the door. She started to think about his behavior and realized he had been doing this way before they were both stuck inside together. She figured it had to be at least six months prior to this that he had been spending more and more time in his office after she would go to bed. For about the last eight months his behavior has gone from odd to strange to bizarre. She said she found her panties in his underwear drawer. Something she thought was a simple mistake that happened doing the laundry. She found lipstick in a drawer that only he uses in the bathroom but again, she wrote it off as her being absent minded. Then one afternoon when he had left the apartment to do their weekly grocery run she thought she’d have a look at his browser history. There is a saying that goes, “don’t ask, if you don’t want the answer.” But she HAD to know the answer. In his browser was a cache of internet sites of women being fucked by men. Men who were doing some pretty raunchy shit to women with their husbands watching, some with their husbands watching only dressed like women. That’s when it all the puzzle pieces fell in to place. Now she knew what he was doing when he was alone with the door locked and part of her wish she’d never looked. Then she decided that she was already down the rabbit hole so she searched for files on his computer and found hundreds of pictures of her husband in various states of dress, some with dildos and tampons shoved up his ass. And with each picture and each website and eventually each email, she felt the knife go in and twist, over and over until she ran to the bathroom and vomited. After that she stayed mostly to herself. She would lie awake as he hid behind his locked office door doing god knows what with god knows who. Her skin crawled when he touched her and it was getting hard to hide. That was when she found me. She called me and told me her story. I commiserated with her and let her know that she had every right to feel betrayed and emotionally beaten but that I would not allow her to feel worthless. Quite the contrary. What I did was begin her training. I told her she was going to learn to be a Queen and take control of her castle as her man was clearly begging for it. And I began with lesson one. As she stood to leave I had her hold out her hand. In it I placed a cold, chrome device, a lock and a key to that lock. I had already told her how to use it. I can’t wait for lesson two. The moral of the story gentlemen, be careful what you wish for as you stroke in your closet in the wee wee hours of the night, lit only by the glow of your phone. Because I’m coming for you, one wife at a time. Copyright ©2020 Susan “Dr Sue” Storm for Dr Sue can be found at:

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