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Cannabis and Energy Adventures Under the Night Sky

Updated: Apr 25

by Parker Leigh

The North Star watching over us. The smaller stars trying to shine brighter but they will never equal home. They will never compare to the glow I feel with Her.

It's a typical night relaxing in the hot tub. We've smoked and are laughing, enjoying the fresh air and nature around us. She tells me to go get the vibrators. I can't help but smile and get excited, and nervous. There's always nerves because I never know what She has planned. I can never guess as to what will follow when She gives commands in that tone. You know the tone. Dripping with Dominance with a hint of playfulness and undertones of mischief. With all these feelings building inside and my head suddenly feeling much more floaty, I hop out of the hot tub and scurry up the stairs to get the toys. Coming back outside, I carefully get back in the water and place the vibrators on the table next to my water bottle and bowl. The essentials, y'know? I'm awkward sitting across from such a beautiful human, unsure of what to do or say next. I don't want to seem impatient or like a greedy slut (even though I am one) so I sit in the awkwardness and wait for Her to speak first. We smoke a little more and then She asks for the vibrators. She says I am to take one and sit "over there" and points to the side opposite Her. She tells me that I'm to sit over there with the vibrator on myself and She was going to sit where She was with another vibrator on Herself. I'll be honest in saying I was slightly disappointed because I enjoy touching and being close with Her but it was a flash of an emotion because this was something new for us. Even after being together for many years, there are still some things we haven't experienced together. My excitement grew and I turned on the toy, put it in its place under the water and allowed myself to enjoy the sensations. The jets had been turned on because let's be honest, it was probably going to get louder soon. The feeling of the bubbles all around my body combined with the vibrations on my genitals plus Her noises and knowing She was also feeling pleasure quickly brought me to the edge as I begged to cum. She allowed me to as She was pushed over the edge with me. When a Goddess cums, the world seems to open up more and I felt myself getting lost in the moment with Her. More waves of pleasure and another orgasm building, we cum again. And again. She stops Her own toy and puts it aside, moving through the water towards me. I don't know what is about to happen but I can feel that I don't want it to stop.

Her body close to mine now, touching me under the water. My legs, my arms, my chest. The bubbles still dancing on my body. It feels like numerous hands exploring my body and I revel in it. Her hand finding its way to my neck, pushing me further towards a new dimension. As I feel Her grip tightening and my breath fading, I smile. My body shakes and I beg to cum again. She releases Her hand and tells me to cum. I release, trying to keep my voice down. She helps by placing a hand over my mouth and nose. Still holding the vibrator on myself, the pleasure builds and builds, flooding my entire body and mind. Her hand dips below the water and presses into my body, just above my clit and the vibrator. This is like a shock to me. I suddenly felt like my body was being pinned to the floor of the hot tub, down into the Earth. She was simultaneously grounding me and sending me soaring to what felt like a whole new world where everything felt right. Brighter, clearer and without any of the darkness of our reality. From that spot on my body where Her hand lay, I felt warmth. I felt Her energy flowing from Her own body and spirit to mine. The intensity of it rattling me in all the best ways and my voice begging to cum again. She whispers in my ear, "feel all this pleasure. You deserve every bit of this pleasure. Cum for me." Tears rolling down my cheeks, I let go and allow myself to feel it. Welcoming everything She is giving me. It's as if She was fucking my chakras. The collision of Her energy with mine feels like the creation of something new. Something fearless and beautiful.

Thank you, Domina for giving me so much.




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