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Erotic Hypnosis. Hypnofetishism. 

  It has many names and one simple meaning: Using the power of hypnosis to fulfill erotic fantasies. Sounds simple enough? It is.  Erotic hypnosis can enhance any fetish and used to satisfy countless unattainable desires. My skills and talent as a Certified Erotic Hypnotist make it extremely easy for you to fall into a deep trance almost effortlessly.


How does it work?

  Erotic hypnosis is essentially no different than any other type of hypnosis. The only difference is that erotic hypnosis is used to achieve sensual, kinky or sexual results.  Hypnosis can be used to accomplish a myriad of desired effects. I focus on the stimulating effects which include:

Response Modifications

  Modifying the normal sexual response: this can include changes to libido and sexual responses. Examples of response modification suggestions include causing the listener to become aroused upon hearing a certain word or inhibiting erections unless given permission. 


Behavior Modifications

  Modifying behavior and personality: These types of changes typically add, remove or change personal preferences including fetishes and can even go as far as changing sexual orientation. Examples of behavior modification suggestions include causing a listener to prefer a certain type of clothing or to create an obsession with an act such as tickling or preferring pain in a sensitive area.


  These are among the most intense changes to work with but also require the most dedication. These changes can cause the listener to observe themselves, their environment, and others as different than how they actually are. Common examples of hallucination suggestions include causing the listener to experience the room as a warmer temperature, visualize the Hypnotist as looking vastly different than before or perceive one's genitals as being dramatically enhanced (doubled in size, etc).


  Triggers implant what is known as a post-hypnotic suggestion; the purpose of which is to cause a certain response to some external stimulus. Popular examples of trigger suggestions include falling into trance upon hearing an instant induction like snapping of the fingers, performing a certain action when told to do so or having a spontaneous orgasm upon hearing a specific word.


  These changes by their very nature require you to willingly surrender control over part of yourself. Having a trustworthy, trained Professional is always recommended.  Hypnosis can be difficult to walk away from once you let it in.​

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Try it Out:


​  Wondering what my voice is like and if it's for you? Maybe you want to enhance a live session with me, already susceptible to my entrancing ways. Or do you want to be my hypno-slave from afar? Custom audio files are available for you try erotic hypnosis with me. Each recording will include an induction and one trigger which will be tailored for a particular fetish you have. 

Rates: Price varies depending on content and length

     Starts at $100 per recording 

    (Payments are non-refundable for hypno audios)

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